Cindy Lewis                                                    
Marine Finance Specialist –                                                    
Annapolis, MD                                                     
410-903-6611/ Fax 410-349-0102                                            
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Sterling Associates is the premier lending source for marine and recreational financing. They strive to make the purchase process as seamless and stress free as possible. Because of the various and multiple banking relationships they have, they will have a loan program to get you into the boat of your dreams. No other company can provide as many lending choices as Sterling Associates has available.

Sterling offers fixed and variable rate programs, and will finance all makes and models. They have multiple lending 
sources for older vessels up to 1985 and newer. They can handle boat loans nationwide and have specialized programs no other lending source can offer.Each transaction is different, and understanding the steps and process with each lender is important. Often getting a pre-approval is a good idea so that your offer is considered with out a finance stipulation. And, it is not “one bank fits all” in recreational lending. Often where you live, the age and type of boat will make the difference in which lender is the best fit. Sterling has many options and will work to get you the lowest rate for your particular transaction.

Other features Sterling can offer include:

  • Insurance – they can direct you to industry professionals for the best rates and most comprehensive coverage available.


  • Documentation and Titling –they work with local and national agencies to expedite Coast Guard documents, abstracts, preferred ships mortgages, and registration and titling paperwork.

  • Ask us about boat loan rates and boat loan calculators to determine the right boat loan for your needs.

Cindy Lewis is a Marine Finance Specialist with Sterling Associates. Based in Annapolis, her marine career spans over 35 years in the industry. She knows the ins and outs of the purchase process. Her product knowledge is vast, and her passion for the business is evident to assist you with your boat financing needs. 

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